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Learn to trade with Dekmar Trades complete day trading course. Join the best day trading chat room, learn how to trade live, practice the most effective day trading strategies.

Execute your own orders in real-time with Sean while he explains why he is getting in and out of a trade and what day trading strategies he is using. From the technical analysis, news catalyst, volume, chart patterns, market conditions, chart history, learn how to trade the stock market today.

Access a vast video library of trading lessons, get answers to your questions in real-time in the chat with TradeCaster. Go over daily lessons, and get access to a whole community of like-minded traders that are supportive and always alerting new quality trades throughout the day.

In addition, you have $350 worth of scanners and newsfeeds streamed for free all day. Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to trading the stock market, you have found the best trading community out there.

What it’s all about


Day Trading

The best piece of advice I can give someone wanting to learn how to trade and looking for the best day trading course, is that learning how to trade the stock market is a process. I am naturally analytic, so I wanted to know all the stats, how long until I would be profitable, so I could forecast my funds, and project some returns by year-end. But it takes time. Plan for that and you will achieve your goal.

In the end, your stock trading journey will have its ups and downs. You will want to quit, you will lose money, you will doubt yourself, and you will feel the full spectrum of emotions. And that is coming from a US Marine, that knows how to keep his bearing – and who also has learned through years of personal growth many things about ego, fear, letting go, and following your instincts. It is crucial to have guidance, coaching, and support of a quality trading chat room. Being in the Dekmar Trades trading community has been invaluable to me and my success. 

The pressure and stress day trading the stock market are relative to each of us. The fear of missing out. (FOMO); Making mistakes that cost you money that you earned; knowing your trading plan and still not sticking to it; Reactionary trading after a loss…Day trading is the art of self, the numbers are relatively easy. The technical patterns, setups, level 2, pattern variation of how different size stocks move, identifying volume, setting accurate support, and resistance…all of these things come naturally in time, with repetition. When you give learning how to day trade enough time, you will be doing all of that without thinking. In the beginning, it is mentally taxing. But its just learning. Pace yourself and stay committed.

The X factor to being a successful trader isn’t spoken about in much depth, but it is pivotal to your success. It is about managing your emotions. It rolls off the tongue nicely, but not too inciteful.  There are books out there, but I have put together a summarized guide to help give you a little more context to what that means, at least from my perspective. I hope It helps! Enjoy the journey and stick with it – you will get there. The freedom day trading yields is worth the work.


Sean Dekmar live trading on tradecaster software to his day trading community.

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They told me to get a real job. Now they are asking me for one.

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Scanners and News Feed Streaming at 7:00am EST, Sean is in Chat all day and on the Mic at 9:00am EST to go over the Emailed News Letter, Chatroom votes on best plays of the day, and when the market slows he does a live lesson. Access education videos anytime.

Trade Ideas – Equity Feed

Quality Scanners | News Feed Streaming

Purchase Sean’s personal scanners and get your own trade ideas subscription, or access his through his live feed. Equity Feed News is up for pre/post market trading. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common trading community questions

What is included?

At $99/month (less annually) you get:

  • Access to live stream from 7amEST-7pmPST
  • Access to past live stream videos and education
  • Connect with other traders worldwide
  • Ask questions real-time in chat and get real-time alerts
  • $350 worth of scanners and streamers streamed to you free
Can I start with $500?

You can but it is very tough to be able to buy enough shares. I would say $2,000 is a decent low-end target. It is hard to trade a small account at the same time you are learning.

The best rule of thumb is to paper trade until you have 3 consecutive winning months, then move to real money. Even then stay small and focus on following your rules and simply making good trades.

Can I avoid the PDT rule?

There is no silver bullet to this, you simply must maintain $25K in your trading account for US Brokers. 

You can trade with an off-shore broker but they are not governed by the same regulations and so you have some risk there.

That being said, the only option I would consider is CMEG or SureTrader, but get ready for trading fees and monthly platform costs.

What should I learn first?

First of all, take the time to learn the terms as you hear them so you can learn the language.

Second, focus on learning the core concepts.

Third, start understanding how the concepts work together (ie level2 and volume)

Lastly, start defining what strategies and patterns make the most sense to you and start defining your specific trading style.

Are there core concepts?

We are always learning, but these are some core concepts to focus on initially. 

  • Float
  • Volume
  • Technical Patterns
  • Support and Resistance
  • Reading Level 2
  • Order Entry Pros and Cons
  • Share Size
  • Stop Losses



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